What is SaaS construction software?

SaaS (Software as a Service) construction software encompasses a broad range of hosted, subscription-based web and mobile apps designed to help general contractors, trades and other construction companies operate more efficiently, effectively and profitably. Specific areas of focus can include:

– Construction Business and Project Management
– Estimation and Quoting
– Time, Equipment, Material & Expense Tracking
– Scheduling and Resource Allocation
– Health and Safety Reporting
– Quality Control
– Accounting

Is construction software expensive?

Construction software is not expensive, relatively speaking. Monthly or annual subscriptions can and should be tailored by a software vendor to ensure customers realize a quick measurable return on investment. In order to realize full value, it is important to choose the right solution for your business, take steps to make sure it has been configured correctly to suit your needs and provide your staff/users the training and support necessary to enable quick adoption.

Many SaaS software solutions offer free or limited-time trials to help determine whether or not there will be a proper fit for your specific needs. However, it’s important to budget appropriate time and focus in order to get a fair and proper sense of a tool’s potential value to your organization.

How do I choose the right SaaS construction software for my business?

In order to choose the right solution for your business, you should first conduct and document a comprehensive, prioritized needs analysis to identify where there are obvious inefficiencies or areas of improvement, which can be addressed by technology and/or automation.

How can I make my construction business more efficient?

There are several areas where efficiencies can be realized within a typical construction business. The most common efficiencies are realized by centralizing data, enabling field staff to track and enter project data, automating simple manual tasks or introducing more efficient processes backed by technology.

How long does it take to implement a construction software solution?

The time required to fully implement a construction software solution will depend on the size and scope of projects and/or the organization, as well as what if any processes exist or need to be created as part of the implementation. A detailed implementation plan can help to establish realistic timelines and expectations for business owners and staff. An effective roll out should not require significant time or effort from users.

In order to quickly realize value and get user buy-in, it is sometimes advisable to introduce construction software in a phased approach; particularly when dealing with larger, integrated project or business management platforms.

How can I track my trades employees’ time better?

One of the quickest ways to track construction and trades workers time better is by equipping them with user friendly tools to track their own time. Empowering your employees with time tracking software will enable them to better view their progress and earning potential, while improving accuracy and removing the burden of having someone else (like you) tracking their time.

How can I create accurate project estimates and quotes faster?

Estimation and quoting software can help by enabling business managers to create consistent templates for common project services, costs and pricing, while automating the creation, publication, delivery and processing of quotes and contracts.

How can I more easily document construction health and safety related activities?

Construction health and safety related activities and compliance can be more effectively tracked and managed in the field in real-time via mobile construction apps.

Further, safety policies and industry standards can be published, regularly updated and made readily accessible to all construction staff via the same mobile health and safety software solutions.