home builder CRM

Home Builder CRM

Let our team set you up with a customer relations management platform or maybe more appropriately in our industry, Business Relationship Tracking. When you need to get in touch with project contacts, you don’t want to rely on hand written phone numbers stored in some notebook or a contact saved in one company cellphone somewhere or worse an employee’s personal phone. Rely on powerful tools built for modern contractors to manage planning and purchasing with third party vendors. Seamlessly integrate providers and suppliers with your internal team to keep things moving. If you'd like never to have to go digging around to find and clear up a bottleneck, then you should start with a good CRM software.

As industry specific business strategy consultants, we have worked with datasets similar to yours before. You go with us and you'll get to a solution much faster than shoping aroudn yourself or hiring someone internally. Our home builder operations experts purform a review of your data administration needs before recommending and implementing a CRM software solution that suits you best.

When you work with The Net Effect, you’re working with a professional in this field who will make sure you have the tool to get everything going smoothly. You can shop out parts on time and pay for days of work more effectively when your team stays up to date with information from suppliers. We’ll get you onboarded and integrated with comprehensive, end-to-end construction project management platforms and small business management tools. We work with medium and large GCs or trades businesses all the time. We know the capabilities in demand in the industry and where there is potential hang-ups. Avoid the frustrations and cost incurred from having the wrong guys at the wrong place at the wrong time with a professional CRM and you’ll wonder how you ever did business without it. 

Home Builder CRM

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Home Builder CRM

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