OnTraccr turns inefficient construction management workflows into effortless, fully-automated events. Empowering teams to stop wasting time on tedious, repetitive activities and spend more time on the important stuff.


All contractors.




What sets OnTraccr apart is the unique way it lets you build a workflow and then automates the process. You don’t adapt the way you do business to the software, the software adapts to your company workflow.


Whatever your workflow needs are, OnTraccr has you covered. Use any of our existing automations or, if you have custom workflow needs, we will build them for you. Say goodbye to manual entry and hello to the automated future construction always needed.

TNE Software Review and Recommendations

“The functionality of OnTraccr is new and innovative. The use of workflow automation is a revolutionary concept that streamlines the interface between the company and the software. We are giving OnTraccr 5 Stars!”


“The biggest challenge we were having at the time was getting all the projects logged on time. It was taking lots of time to enter hours and labour costs and it was all manually done.

OnTraccr is definitely a lot easier to use than what we were using at the time. Manual tracking was a struggle. One, it took time, and second, it wasn't always accurate. With OnTraccr, we are literally spending half the time to send files.

The employees, they’re really liking it. They find it easy to use and they can go back and see all the hours. It is a lot easier for them to go back and see the dates of when they clocked in and clocked out.”

Gary Gakal
Owner, Adept Electrical

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