The Net Effect Team

Tim O’Brien,

Director of Business Development

Tim has been in construction for over 25 years. He founded and operated Brick Drive Paving Ltd. in Whistler, BC and during this time his mantra became “Every customer is a lifelong contact, make sure when the job is done that they are happy with the final product and every interaction along the way”. Tim also worked for a civil excavation contractor as a Contract Supervisor, where he was a part of that company undergoing digital transformation and moving away from paper. Tim is passionate about sharing his knowledge, mentoring and helping you be more successful. Your success is measured in more than just the bottom line, but don’t let that stop you from being wealthy.

Craig Hurst, Director of Client Services

Craig Hurst,

Director of Client Success
Craig started using computers in the early 80s and has been honing his digitizing skills ever since. He built his first business software and website in the 90s and has been helping small and large companies improve their digital processes ever since. Craig’s expertise has been applied globally and in many different industries, including construction trades. Before becoming a computer guru, he ran a large kitchen remodelling firm and was an active member of a Home Builders’ Association renovation council. Craig understands the technology challenges of your business and how to solve them. He’ll help you build a better business.

John Enns,

Director of Industry Relations

John has enjoyed working in the construction industry for over 20 years, with the last 15 years working for Vector Construction Ltd. as the Manitoba Business Development Manager. At Vector, John was responsible for relationship building, estimating, project management and enjoyed constant growth during his time there. John has been on the Winnipeg Construction Association board since 2013 and is now Chair. John has also sat on the Canadian Construction Association board as the Manitoba Director at Large for 4 years, ending in 2019. During his time in the construction industry, John has always looked for better, more efficient ways of doing things and looks forward to helping other contractors grow their business.