Why Work With Us

Why the Net Effect?

Is your general contracting or trades business running you ragged? Does quoting new jobs, tracking existing projects, recording timesheets, managing health and safety protocols, invoicing or bookkeeping take up far too much of your time at the office or worse, when you get home? Is your business doing well, but you feel it could be doing even better if you just had some time to take stock and get organized?

We get it.

We’ve been there ourselves.

The Net Effect team has years of hands-on experience running successful Canadian construction businesses. We understand how overwhelming all of the aspects of managing projects and a business can be.

But we also know there’s a better way. The construction software industry is booming in an effort to help companies like yours become more efficient and profitable. In fact, there is now almost too much software to consider, especially if you have little time or technical knowledge. This is where The Net Effect can help.

We’ve spent countless hours researching and negotiating with construction software vendors on your behalf. We’ve identified suitable software solutions to tackle the challenges faced in virtually every aspect of a small, medium or large construction business.

We’ve also developed a structured customer success process to assess, plan, implement, onboard, train and support you and your staff in the successful application of appropriate software solutions and refined business processes.

Our primary mission is to help you grow your business, but also get some of your life back!